Product Specifications

PODCHAIN PRO, a new and innovative way to store and charge your earbuds.
You’ll always know exactly where they are.
It’s a beautiful chain that easily detaches or attaches the earbuds with a secure magnet.
You can either wear wirelessly on your ear or attach it with the chain to hold it tight.
It’s more than a trend, it’s a necessity.

Just One Click to charge and hold

In just one click with a secure magnet,

your earbuds will always be with you,

even when you take them off temporarily.

No fumbling around or the hassle of putting them back in the charging case. Easy charging up to 17.5- 20 hours of listening time with your Airpods.​

Adjustable chain to fit your different needs

PODCHAIN PRO comes with adjustable lengths,

so you can hang it like a necklace or tie it on your bag —either way, you’ll never be far from it.


Magnetic lock holds it tight for recharging, but easily detaches in a click.

Our team of product designers and engineers together with the R&D team worked hard to refine the technology, and are proud to present the Mag Lock-- a magnet suction that connects the earbuds

and the chain in one easy click while recharging immediately. It locks super tight but detaches easily.


A trendy accessory to mix and match

The chain is made of a high-quality rope

and comes in 3 different colors and styles.
Each one is combined with carefully selected ropes to braid together in fresh, vivid and trendy colors.

It’s more than just a trendy accessory, it’s a daily necessity.